Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yahoo! Research Labs and O’Reilly Media Lauch Tech Buzz Game

Matt Pasiewicz pointed out two online trading games (both are free to play): Buzz Game and Blogshares.

He questions:

Will technologies inspired by the Buzz Game, Blogshares, and fantasy teams make their way into the classroom in a pervasive, systemic way? Will they actually support learning?

There are a number of reports and papers* on the use of games such as the Sims, SimCity etc. in learning. These games are mostly solo player game and the player is playing "god". The success of the game is determined by the built-in logics in the games and hence are not under the control of the teacher. I have always doubtful of the effectiveness of such games.

The two games "Buzz Game" and "Blogshares" are multi-user games. I don't know whether Blogshares is a zeo-sum game or not. Buzz Game, according to the website, is a zeo-sum game. In a way, these games model the real market closer compared to other solo player trading games. By themselves, they are NOT learning envirnoment. However, if a course is built around these games, pointing out and explaining theories for the players to trading, these game environments are wonderful spaces to try out strategies.

I agree with Matt that we should wait for empirical data before we jump to any conclusion.

*Examples are:
Games-based learning
Role Play Simulation for teaching and learning


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