Friday, January 28, 2005


Here is a game by Sivasailam Thiagarajan, also known as Thiagi posted to the NASAGA forum:

The key to conducting bus activities is to ensure that you don't require too much movement and too many supplies.

Here's an activity called WHISPERS that I have used while traveling to and from conferences.

The game is played by folks seated in two adjacent seats. Let's pretend that their names are Alan, Barbara, Charles, and Diane.

During Round 1, Alan asks an open question, such as "What is the most important goal that we should focus on in our strategic planning?" Everyone (including Alan) thinks of an answer.

After a suitable pause, Barbara and Charles whisper in Alan's ear their prediction of Diane's answer.

ane now give hers answer aloud. Barbara and Charles score an answer if they had correctly predicted this answer (to the subjective satisfaction of Alan).

Next round: Charles and Diane whisper predictions of Alan's answer in Barbara's ear. Same procedure as before.

After predictions have been made about everyone's answer, it is Barbara's turn to start the next open question (example: What keeps our employees awake at night?).

Actually the game is less complicated than this write-up suggests.

This is an open "frame game" adaptable to almost any subject domain and can be converted easily to an ACOLLA.


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